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My name is Jakub, in the Anthro world call me/my character - Dago ^^; :D Some people think that I'm a Renaissance man, so to speak - and that is true ^^ - I deal with many varieties of art, but the first and most my favorite is ANTHRO ^^ :D - images, drwaing it, drawings, videos, comics, stories and everything associated with it - Just I love it :D ^^ :D I especially love the mixed of Anthro with early middle ages and dark ages; And that you can see most frequently on my Anthro drawngs ^^; .... Warriors, love, blood, betrayal, revenge, savage frontier and tribal communities and civilization, blood and merciless wild wars, fights and battles... ^^;
My drawings are mainly inspired by my early medieval culture of the Slavs, but with also other centuries and topcs ^^:D
You are cordially invited to the Anthro world and Anthro art to visit my Gallery with my Anthro drawings - Dago (my character, a young Otter Slav Fisher-Warrior) cordially invites you to visit my Galleries ^^ :D

Anyway there is my old account, wuth my Photgraphy galeries, but there you see my old anthro drawings too ^^ ->

Na imię mam Jakub, w świecie Anthro mówią na mnie Dago ^^; Jestem że tak powiem człowiekiem Renesansu, zajmuję się wieloma odmianami sztuki, ale pierwsza i najbardziej moją ulubioną sztuką jest ANTHRO - Grafiki, filmy, komiksy, historie i wszystko co z nią jest związane ^^ :D Ja przede wszystkim uwielbiam mieszankę Anthro z wczesnym średniowieczem oraz ciemnymi wiekami... Wojownicy, miłość, krew, zdrada, zemsta, pogranicze dzikości i wspólnot plemiennych a cywilizacją, krew, dzikie bezlitosne wojny, bitwy i walki... ^^;
Przy moich grafikach inspiruje się głównie naszą kulturą wczesnośredniowiecznych Słowian, ale także wiekami późniejszymi ^^ :D
Serdecznie zapraszam każdego zainteresowanego i miłującego Świat i sztukę Anthro do odwiedzenia mojej galerii z moimi Grafikami Anthro - Dago (moja postać, młoy słowiański Rybak-wojownik wydra) Serdecznie zaprasza do odwiedzin Galerii ^^ :D

Po zatym jesli jesteście zainteresowani, zapraszam na moje drugie stare konto, gdzie znajdziecie moje galerie fotograficzne oraz stare Anthro Grafiki ^^; :) ->

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Ohboy.ohboy.ohboy.O-O O_O o-o Oh Holy shit. Stare Oh fu... Ekhem. I am sorry guys for that. Just. Just I cannot still belive it. Finally. Finally First in my live I got FIRST fucking prize in this year edition of our Kraków Nativity Scenes competition!!! Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu  Huh.... Well I am still shocked guys... ^^; I just don't know what to say Damn it X3 ... Huf. *self smack in mouth* Calm down Dago and take breath. 

*breathing deeply*

*Freedie - make short Interrmision in your style, please Xd

huuuuuf... Okay ^^ 

First what I need to do, I need to show you result of my three months work -> The final effect of my this year Krakow Nativity Scene ^^

 Dsc0152 by DagoOtter   Dsc0171 by DagoOtter   Dsc0191 by DagoOtter   Dsc0192 by DagoOtter   Dsc0212 by DagoOtter   Dsc0213 by DagoOtter   Dsc0232 by DagoOtter   Dsc0220 by DagoOtter   Dsc0236 by DagoOtter   Dsc0263 by DagoOtter   Dsc0255 by DagoOtter   Dsc0278 by DagoOtter   Dsc0283 by DagoOtter   Dsc0297 by DagoOtter   Dsc0307 by DagoOtter   Dsc0315 by DagoOtter   Dsc0327 by DagoOtter   Dsc0330 by DagoOtter   Dsc0345 by DagoOtter   Dsc0348 by DagoOtter

Well what I can say guys. As you know, during last three months.... maybe four months, I was busy building calmly and slowly with patience my this year Kraków Nativity scene, for this year competition - half jubilee competitin edition, because it was 75 edition of our traditional competition. And... Ah!; excuse me ^^; - If you are new or you still don't know about what I mean all time, here you have answer if you wanna known what is it -> Journal #7 Please - Be Pateint XD - Anyway; I am really really so happy that jury (Profesors of Art History and history and etnography, artists, Krakow museum directors like the Wawel Royal Castle, Historical Museum, National Museum, etc; scientific researchers, etc.) in the end, I appreciated my work, which you can see that it paid off again this time even more ^^ ; I wanna joy with you my furry and anthro artists friends, I am really joy today for that prize, it is really prestigious ^///^

Now I need yet unfortunately, as an artist and creator/representative of our tradition sacrifice the time to order for the Nativity scenes for the Polish Prime Minister's office for gifts of ambassadors of Poland in Christmas time; and only after 20 December and maybe Christmas I can think about finally returning to drawing something,really belive e guys I really miss it by these all months <>; ... Well.... but I need to say that it was profitable to stop working drawing progress on complicated sketches for those few months, because in finally for prize and that order I would buy a professional drawing tablet with screen which will make it easier for me to learn how to draw on digital, which means that maybe my first digital drawings soon ^^ :D I am really hope of it guys ^^

For the end if someone wanna watch it, here under that journal you have photo gallery from this year 75 Jubilee Krakow Nativity Scenes competition, which were in Kraków, in last thursday at 7 December AD 2017 as always at Krakow Main Market square ^^ :3

Also if you wanna, here you have YT links to short cool movie clips and few TV chanels realtions from this year competition, where also you can find there short interwiews with me and my Nativity Scenes ^///^ Hehehe XD 

Internet News-papers chanels movie clips ->…………

And photo news from news-papers X3 ->…………

 Dsc0003 by DagoOtter   Dsc0009 by DagoOtter   Dsc0021 by DagoOtter   Dsc0024 by DagoOtter   Dsc0027 by DagoOtter   Dsc0039 by DagoOtter   Dsc0063 by DagoOtter   Dsc0072 by DagoOtter   Dsc0076 by DagoOtter   Dsc0079 by DagoOtter   Dsc0100 by DagoOtter   Dsc0102 by DagoOtter   Dsc0108 by DagoOtter   Dsc0110 by DagoOtter   Dsc0121 by DagoOtter   Dsc0127 by DagoOtter   Dsc0134 by DagoOtter   Dsc0142 by DagoOtter   Dsc0151 by DagoOtter   Dsc0167 by DagoOtter   Dsc0171 by DagoOtter   Dsc0183 by DagoOtter   Dsc0189 by DagoOtter   Dsc0205 by DagoOtter   Dsc0208 by DagoOtter   Dsc0215 by DagoOtter   Dsc0220 by DagoOtter   Dsc0223 by DagoOtter   Dsc0227 by DagoOtter   Dsc0239 by DagoOtter   Dsc0242 by DagoOtter   Dsc0249 by DagoOtter   Dsc0264 by DagoOtter   Dsc0279 by DagoOtter   Dsc0291 by DagoOtter    Dsc0555 (1) by DagoOtter   Dsc0635 (1) by DagoOtter   Dsc0639 (1) by DagoOtter   Dsc0656 (1) by DagoOtter   Dsc0678 by DagoOtter   Dsc0698 (1) by DagoOtter   Dsc0687 by DagoOtter   Dsc0305 by DagoOtter   Dsc0327 by DagoOtter   Dsc0344 by DagoOtter   Dsc0348 by DagoOtter   Dsc0355 by DagoOtter   Dsc0357 (1) by DagoOtter   Dsc0359 (1) by DagoOtter   Dsc0372 (1) by DagoOtter   Dsc0377 (1) by DagoOtter   Dsc0386 (1) by DagoOtter   Dsc0391 (1) by DagoOtter   Dsc0397 (1) by DagoOtter   Dsc0405 (1) by DagoOtter   Dsc0418 (1) by DagoOtter   Dsc0436 (1) by DagoOtter   Dsc0444 (1) by DagoOtter   Dsc0447 (1) by DagoOtter   Dsc0455 (1) by DagoOtter   Dsc0466 (1) by DagoOtter   Dsc0471 (1) by DagoOtter   Dsc0476 (1) by DagoOtter   Dsc0484 (1) by DagoOtter   Dsc0488 (1) by DagoOtter   Dsc0492 (1) by DagoOtter   Dsc0501 (1) by DagoOtter   Dsc0503 (1) by DagoOtter   Dsc0525 (1) by DagoOtter     Dsc0542 (1) by DagoOtter   Dsc0544 (1) by DagoOtter   Dsc0579 (1) by DagoOtter   Dsc0580 (1) by DagoOtter   Dsc0584 (1) by DagoOtter   Dsc0604 (1) by DagoOtter   Dsc0606 (1) by DagoOtter   Dsc0617 (1) by DagoOtter   Dsc0625 (1) by DagoOtter   Dsc0627 (1) by DagoOtter                                                      
  • Listening to: We are the champions Xd
  • Drinking: Wine and beer Xd We are feast today Xd


Tonight Poland has become second Belarus. I am ashamed guys that I am Pole (Anyway I am still ashmed for mysrelf that I am who I am - what I am a man) I can't belive that I will ask you about this but please guys - if you can, pray for Poland :/
Huh... In my head is from long time thing to go to Dominicanes abbey - to became Brother... But I am not Saint guy, anyway this Idea is ridiculous in relation to my lifestyle and sins... But ffrom other side huh... My heart is still miss for God... Or Maybe this is just Subconscious thoughts of escape from problems... Or maybe indeed God want something from me... Especially as it gives me visible signs. So I read it and I suppose. Huf... *Back to sketching*
Where do I go? Where is my life going? What I am doing? For what the hell I paking in so hiuge swamp of my sins? For what do I darwing for? For what I create this what I create? Why I can't found you? Why I feel jelaosy in my heart than mercy and love? Where this way will come me? ... Where do I go Lord... 

Mercyfull God - Help. Just. Help. 


Dec 15, 2017
7:16 pm
Dec 15, 2017
2:40 pm
Dec 14, 2017
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Dec 11, 2017
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Dec 10, 2017
9:24 pm

Hey Guys, fast question with couriosity - I'm wondering with change of my Nickname, and I want ask you what do you think about few propsoitions of new Nicknames propositions? For your tips I would be really thankful ^^ 

20 deviants said Dago
20 deviants said Or just lose old name "DagoOtter"
1 deviant said Dago dooo



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